The Most Common Cleaning Mistakes

The Most Common Cleaning Mistakes

All cleaning is good cleaning, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Although you might have really good intentions, cleaning in the wrong way can actually cause a lot more harm than good. Sometimes you can make a simple job a lot harder, just because you’ve gone about it in the completely wrong way.

As cleaning professionals, our team here at Sky Cleaning London know exactly how to tackle all cleaning tasks in the best way. From regular cleaning to office cleaning, we’re confident in our ability to expertly clean your property.

We’ve put together a guide to some of the most common mistakes people make when carrying out their own cleaning.

Cleaning Windows on a Sunny Day

If you’re guilty of washing your windows on a sunny day, don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people get inspired to do a little bit of cleaning when the weather is nice and sunny outside, and the windows are often on the “to do” list. Unfortunately, the sun actually causes the cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leaving lots of unattractive streaks behind.

Scrubbing Stains on Carpets

When you spill or drop something onto your carpet, your first instinct is probably to scrub it as much as possible. You should actually avoid scrubbing, as this could actually make the stain a lot worse. You need to use a clean and dry towel to blot as much up as you can, before rinsing with clean water and doing it again.

Not Following Instructions

If a bottle of stain remover tells you to spray onto the stain twice and then leave to dry, you need to do exactly what it says. A lot of people tend to ignore instructions on cleaning products, instead following the belief that “more is better.” You could be actually doing more damage by spraying the stain 4 or 5 times, or scrubbing until your fingers ache. A lot of products need to sit on the surface to work properly, which is why the instructions advise you to wait.

Forgetting That Germs are Everywhere

Don’t forget that germs get absolutely everywhere! Whilst you’re probably cleaning all the obvious places in your home, you also need to clean the not so obvious spots where germs love to hide. This includes all of the door handles in your home, your toothbrush holder and the inside of your bins. It also means cleaning your toilet inside and out.

Attempting to do it All Yourself

Cleaning is a chore that not everyone likes to do. This is partly the reason for why a lot of people avoid doing it or put it off as much as possible. If you dislike cleaning and know that you’re not doing it properly, why don’t you consider getting a professional in? Not only will it save you time, your home will be completely germ free!  


If you want to leave the cleaning of your property to the professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sky Cleaning London. We offer a whole range of cleaning services at incredibly competitive prices, and we’re confident that we can provide an outstanding cleaning service.

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