Top 5 Household Cleaning Myths

Top 5 Household Cleaning Myths

We’ve all got a handy little repertoire of household cleaning tips that we’ve accumulated over the years. Whether they’ve been passed down by family members or picked up during our travels on the World Wide Web, it’s always handy to have these tips to hand should we ever need to call upon them when cleaning our home.

But how many of these cleaning tips are actually true? Can red wine really be brought out of your carpet using white wine? Well, here are five of the most common household cleaning myths that you’ve probably already heard of!

White Wine Removes Red Wine Stains


Don’t waste that bottle of your favourite white wine trying to get out a red wine stain. White wine isn’t strictly a clear colour, so you’ll just be adding an additional stain of a different colour on top!

Bleach is the Best Cleaner of All Time


Although bleach is a powerful concoction that is capable of lifting the toughest of stains, it disinfects more than it cleans. Stick to polishes and dedicated cleaners for actual cleaning power!

Ice Cubes Remove Carpet Dents


Do you have heavy furniture situated on your carpet which leaves a dent when it is moved? Put an ice cube on the dent, let it melt and then gently fluff up the carpet fibres with a fork!

Vacuum Cleaners Damage Your Carpet


Don’t believe the myth that the rotating brushes damage the carpet fibres – dirt is definitely more damaging to the longevity of your carpet; just don’t over vacuum your carpet and use the correct surface setting if your machine has different ones available.

More Product Cleans Better


Using more product won’t give you a better clean – it often makes your job even harder as you’ll have more product to clean up. Only use what the bottle suggests!

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