How to Keep Couches in Perfect Shape

How to Keep Couches in Perfect Shape

It can be a struggle to keep upholstery clean and furniture looking cared for; other than not sitting on the couch for the remainder of its life, regular cleaning and maintenance is the only way to achieve a continued attractive look.


A few simple tasks completed on a daily or weekly basis can keep your upholstery bolstered and the look of the couch as pleasant as it was in the showroom.

Plump It Up

A simple way to make your couch look nice and cared for is a regular plump of your decorative pillow. Squashed, creased and uncared for pillows can be more of an eyesore to your couch than any stain and as such these should be well maintained after every use. It is true that a quick straightening and plump after getting up from the couch can work wonders for the aesthetics of your home on a daily basis.

Regularly Vacuum

Crumbs, hairs and all sorts of unpleasant things that don’t bear thinking about can accumulate down the sides of sofas. Some people choose to ignore this fact and let this alien world develop right underneath them. But, for the more clean-conscious of the world a simple vacuum at regular intervals can wipe out these filthy colonies of dust (and other) bunnies faster than they can accumulate.

Pets? No Problem

Keeping your home clean can be a difficult task with only human inhabitants, but pets can add an extra mess to navigate on a daily basis. But, you can save your couch at the early stage by teaching your canine or feline friends that their place is not on the couch but the floor. A designated area from them to sit, such as beds, cat towers and other such ‘pet designed’ furniture can be a real saviour in keeping your furry companion off of your prized couch.

Except sometimes the little fur balls can’t be stopped, and they somehow claim ownership of the best spot in the living room without you noticing until it is too late. In this case defeat is inevitable and so proper cleaning of all of the hair is necessary, this is easily achieved by using a rubber cleaning glove to wipe and attract all of this pesky hair.

If they do have a very specific spot it may be a good idea to put a blanket down in their seat, this will collect all of their hair instead of your precious couch!

Spills and Stains

Stains are a blight on all of our surfaces, but they can be an especially embarrassing reminder of a clumsy moment on a piece of furniture that you sit on daily. But, if a spill occurs it is best to deal with it immediately to stop it setting in and requiring a deeper clean at a later date. As a rule, normal household cleaning liquids can be damaging and wash out the colour of your couch, and as such should be avoided. Always follow the advice on the fabric care label that your seating comes with for more specific cleaning instructions.

If you want to keep your upholstery in tip top condition but don’t have time for all of this plumping, then it may be time to call the professionals. Here at Sky Cleaning London we have a team of expert cleaners, all of whom know the best tips and tricks to keeping your furniture looking as fresh and new as the day you bought it.

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