What Lies Beneath: Four Things That May Be Living In Your Carpet

What Lies Beneath: Four Things That May Be Living In Your Carpet

Most of us are guilty of just running the hoover over a carpet when it comes to cleaning our home. Although it may take away some of the dirt and dust from the top of the carpet, simply vacuuming doesn’t get rid of everything – especially deep down in the depths of the carpet fibers. 


Do you need some motivation to give your carpet a good deep clean? Take a look at what may be lurking in your carpet – even after a good vaccuum! 



Even if you think you're the cleanest eater in the world, you can guarantee that you'll have some kind of food buried deep down in your carpet. 


We're not talking whole crisps or giant crumbs – more like smaller particles of food that have dropped from your plate without you noticing and worked their way down into the roots of the carpet.


Although vaccuums do a good job of getting most of the loose debris from a carpet, they can't reach as far down as a deep clean can! 



Even if there's no food around, you can guarantee that there's some form of mould in your carpet, no matter how clean you may think it may be. 




There are well over 100,000 types of mould and many make your carpet their home, but deep down so that they can't be disturbed! This can play havoc with people who have allergies, which is why many people opt for a deep carpet clean – to keep those pesky spores at bay! 


Dead Skin 


You may not actively notice it, but us humans are always shedding skin. We can't control when and where it comes off our bodies, meaning that flooring often becomes home to billions of dead skin cells – with many being smaller than our eyes can see. 


While you may not necessarily notice these dead skin cells in your carpet, you probably don't want to think about them being there. What's the solution? Get a deep clean, of course! 




Many people associate salmonella with food which has gone off or not been cooked properly, and while this is often the main cause of salmonella making people ill, the bacteria can hide in your carpet fibers, too.  


Rather than run the risk of any member of your family becoming ill with salmonella – and potentially becoming very sick – a very deep clean can help remove the bacteria and leave your carpet feeling fresh and clean. 


If you want to make sure that your carpet is deeply cleaned and feeling fresh, make sure that you are getting in touch with the experts here at Sky Cleaning London; we'll be more than happy to help you in any way we possibly can.