Mattress Cleaning

At Sky Cleaning London, we've listened to our customers in the cleaning business throughout the years, and we are proud to offer the mattress cleaning service that our clients really need.

Did you know that the average person spends around a third of their lives in bed? Therefore, we need to provide our bodies and minds with the best possible sleeping conditions in order to feel refreshed in the morning. If you have not cleaned your mattress in a while, it can gather dust, dust mites and even bedbugs. So, now's the time to do so, because letting these irritants stay in your bedding will increase the chances of becoming a victim of your own bed. Have you ever experienced headaches, coughing or asthma? If so, we have bad news for you: these are all signs of an unhealthy bed.

However, we have the solution to your problems. Sky Cleaning provides the best mattress cleaning in London. Our highly trained cleaning technicians have years of experience when cleaning mattresses in almost any condition.

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Our professional cleaners are able and skilful enough to extract and remove all deep stains from your mattress, including those caused by spilled drinks, foods, body lotions, vomit, urine, oils and more. Our mattress steam cleaning will leave your bed spotless, fresh and healthy.

We guarantee that, after our services, your mattress will look and smell like new due to the steam cleaning technology that we use.

The usual recommendation for mattress cleaning is to have it carried out around every 6 months. However, regular cleaning helps to extend its life and to protect the mattress during its use. Mattress cleaning is also one of the best ways to maintain a dust free and bacteria free bedroom.
People suffering from allergies and common skin conditions such as asthma and eczema will benefit the most from our mattress cleaning service.
Sky Cleaning London provide excellent standards at affordable prices. We use eco-friendly detergents and equipment.

What do our mattress cleaning services include?

  •  Pre-treating
  •  Stain removing
  •  Steam cleaning
  •  Deodorizing

Our highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians will always go the extra mile to care for your personal belongings. Also, they will clean underneath your bed where possible.
Give your body what it deserves by calling us today.

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Contact us now so you can get rid of not just the stains on your mattresses, but also bedbugs, micro-organisms and other bacteria which lives in your beds.

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